About Us

A couple years ago I was rather hopeless about the state of the world and it seemed the powers that be, including the MSM, were going to remain in power for sometime to come. Then I heard about Brexit and I knew something had changed.

I hadn’t followed Trumps Presidential campaign but after Brexit I was very drawn to start watching his speeches. I would watch him taxi in with his 757 and then get out and talk to tens of thousands of people city after city all around the country. That experience was a feeling of deep and Spiritual knowing and I knew that I was watching a history being written that would be talked about for centuries. I felt I had to take in as much as I could and I spent much of the next year watching the election and his first year in office.

I came across so many Alternative News sites, YouTube channels, Twitter feeds and such. I couldn’t stop from gathering up anything I could about this awakening. I investigated so many sources including ones like Christine Preston to many others such as Steve Motley, InfoWars and MegaAnon.

Recently QAnon came on the seen who seems to be a confirmed insider of the Trump Presidency leaking out information to those that will listen about “The Storm that is Upon Us”. He, she, they have asked us to inform others about what is going on and this website is partially about that. We are striving to provide links to all the people out there that are part of this “Alliance” and are working with each other to inform the public on what is currently happening and to prepare them for what lies ahead.

We are also about the greater┬áSpiritual Awakening taking place upon the Earth. The Cabal is finally on it’s way out and all the darkness that is about to be revealed will shock many to their core, depending on how much is revealed. MegaAnon said that much of what has happened will not make it out to the public as it would harm the country. Yet what is revealed will be enough to light the way to a much brighter future. We will most likely see the biggest economic comeback in history under this President then the rest of the world will follow and when this has all happened and people have a sufficient material life they will have the time and want to explore the Spiritual and what the purpose of life is…not to mention Disclosure which has been a long time coming. All the negativity that these beings of lesser light have thrust upon the world will wane and with the help of our friends in Spirit and elsewhere we will finally be back on the Spiritual path as a nation that we should have been on all along.

So join with us in this Alliance along with the President and all that are supporting him in this grand Spiritual awakening that is upon us now. Each of us has a part to play in this. Ask God within your heart what you can do no matter how large or small, if each of us do that our success is all but assured, and we will send the powers that were into history where they belong.

I personally want to thank all those Patriots in the Alternative Press, the Military, Intelligence Agencies, Government and all those brave souls that laid the path for the rest of us in restoring this Constitutional Republic back to it’s Spiritual destiny, and most of all our President, Donald J. Trump.

In Peace,

Doug Byron
SpiritSite.Net LLC