About Us

This web site is about “The Great Awakening” – We are a world that is on the edge of entering into our Spiritual Maturity. For so long we have been under a darkness that has kept us from the truth of who we are but now we are in a time of awakening. People all over the world are sensing something isn’t quite right. We have been manipulated by the deep state, MSM and globalist entities to name a few. They distract us with war and the struggle to make a living and the constant conditioning by the MSM of narratives that are not based in truth and only divide us. This fiat, debt based financial system that they instituted on us keeps us in perpetual debt servitude that we can never be free from.

In response to decades of this corruption we have the rise of the Alliance which is mostly composed of the military. They asked President Trump to run for President and he answered their call. He is unpredictable and not under the control of this Cabal. He is not a perfect person and subject to the human ego as we all are but he is one of the few people with the fortitude and strength of spirit that could successfully confront this evil and get the job done. He loves this country and is doing what must be done to free the Republic.

QAnon came onto the scene in Ocotober, 2017. This was an ingenious way for the Alliance to circumnavigate the MSM and reach the American and world populations that were aware enough to listen and prepare them for the coming events and truths that will be exposed, such as Disclosure. The swamp is being drained, those loyal to the deep state are being outed and removed. This will take time but we are nearing a time of justice. What will be revealed will be hard for many to accept but these truths must come out for the healing to begin and the future to unfold.

With this cancer extracted from our government and the Republic restored we will be free to enter a time of great abundance and peace. No more lies, war, MSM. This will also be a time of Spiritual discovery where each is free to explore their uniqueness in the universe and their connection to the divine.

This website is dedicated to those that want to pursue truth and to be a part of this Great Awakening. It’s dedicated to the Alliance, Alternative Free Press and all patriots in this Spiritual endeavor to save the planet.

In Peace,

Doug Byron