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I had watched the THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take?, video about 7 years ago and it did a rather nice job of showing why the Earth seems to always to be in a state of suffering and why it’s people never seem to reach a point where they thrive freely and in full creativity and peace.

A few years ago I was very pessimistic of where the world was going and thought that the dark “Powers that Be” were never going to be sent into the deep depths of history. I had heard some rumors about Divine Intervention but didn’t see much evidence of it at the time.

I then heard about Brexit in the U.K. and I just knew that something had changed in the world. I had not been following the U.S. election coverage as does any election ever bring any real change to the country? But I felt very compelled to start watching Trump’s campaign speeches.

I can’t remember where it was but it was about 9 or 10 months before the election. I saw the President taxi up to a hanger in his 757 at some town somewhere and there where literally 10’s of thousands of people inside and outside that hanger waiting to hear him speak. How strange that seemed to me at the time, why were so many people there to hear him speak? I started listening to him and I was in quiet shock. I didn’t know how I knew but I was sure he was going to be our next President. I knew that the world was going to be a better place because of it. That this evil infecting the world was going down. I had tears of great joy and reassurance as I have never felt this much hope for the future before yet my gut was telling me this was coming and he was to be an incredible leader of true change and transparency for America and the world.

Could this be really possible? An end to hundreds of years of such suffering for this planet? I watched nearly every speech Trump made and knew I was witness to history and wanted to be a part of it and didn’t want to miss any of it so I could tell people in the future what it had been like from the beginning.

Later after his Presidential win a phenomenon named QAnon came onto the scene in late October 2017. I felt so strongly again that this was a real event and have been following Q ever since. I came across a number  of wonderful Alternative and Conscious News media sources like Jordan Sather and his “Destroying the Illusion youtube channel that report real news. “Edge of Wonder is another great one that has recently come on the scene and both are great channels to follow if you want to know what’s really going on in the world.

From the best information I could come up with Q seemed to be the only official back channel source of what seems to have become know as “The Alliance” that is a group of interests fighting this dark Cabal and to bring them down and to justice. About 3-4 years ago a few generals had asked Trump if he would run for President and become part of this plan that was decades in it’s design to take down this Cabal and restore the Nation’s Constitutional Government and bring the power back to the people.

Q seems to be there to inform a segment of the U.S. and global populations that have the awareness to listen, to what is coming in the near future. Q appears to be preparing us for events and news that will be coming out in the mainstream in the near future. Those that are not aware and have let themselves be led by the MSM without any independent research of their own are gong to have a really hard time dealing with this coming future. People will not want to get out of bed on some mornings as the things they will hear about will be so hard to accept.

There will be data dumps and indictments coming soon this year. From there it avalanches. 911 will be re-opened up again as will probably the JFK assassination. This is know as the “Great Awakening” , it’s an awakening of the Spiritual all over the world and to people everywhere waking up to how the world power structure actually operates. This time we are living through will be one of the most important events in Earth’s history and will be talked of for hundreds of years.

From what Q is saying and other sources is that these truths are going to shake people to their core, The President passed an executive order in December of 2017 regarding Human Trafficking. He seems very passionate about ending it and it’s one of the reasons for “The Wall”, but if you are listening to the MSM and it’s propaganda and agenda of protecting the Cabal you probably didn’t know that or so many of the other things this President has done.

President Trump was the only person who had the fortitude and strength of character of a Spiritual Warrior that could have taken this level of attack and still retained his integrity for exposing this power structure to American and the world. He will probably go down as the greatest American Hero and President of all time. I am so grateful for this man and his commitment to this nation and her people and for Q and the Alliance and for our military and intelligence services for the sacrifices that they have made to free the world and her people from this evil in this shadow civil war. They seemed to have planned this out so well and with such precision that that the outcome of having as few people hurt during all this was surely one of their goals.

There are over 90K Sealed Indictments that have been filed since Trump took office. These are coming, the truth about our leaders, what the Cabal had planned, how corrupt the monetary system is, 911, Disclosure, etc… is all about to be exposed over the coming months and years ahead. So many horrors about to become mainstream such as human trafficking and how it goes deep into even our local communities and government.

For those who willingly turn their Spiritual power over to the MSM, you are in for some shocking news. The mockingbird MSM was taken over by the intelligence agencies decades ago and protects this deep state and their illegal and criminal activities such as human trafficking. Why were so many shocked on with the release of the Mueller report? There wasn’t any real evidence yet people let themselves be conditioned to believe in this fake news. Time to wake up!

This all has to come out and be made know so we can get on with healing and so the Earth can return to it’s Spiritual Destiny and we can become part of the galactic community. Such an incredible future is ahead of us and it’s not far away now.

This website is envisioned to be a portal for people to connect to quality and truthful information about this “Great Awakening”. There are so many out there in the Alternative News Media that have given their time and awareness to this. You can go to our home page and in the right column we list many Conscious News media sources for you to explore this “Great Awakening”.

Trust in the Plan – WWG1WGA!     (Players Global Themes Videos / Decoders Resignations Executive Orders Human Trafficking Sealed Cases)


In Peace,

Doug Byron
SpiritSite.Net LLC

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